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  • Do you only exclusively do hand embroidery?
    Yes! Each and every art begins as a drawing before being meticulously hand stitched! I can guarantee you that nothing beats the charm of a handcrafted product :)
  • How long does each embroidered work take to make?
    Hand Embroidery is a very time consuming and labour-intensive art. Since each of my art work is unique, the time taken to finish an artwork varies. The smallest pieces take 1-2 days to complete while the larger works can even take a couple of weeks. It all depends on the complexity, detailing and size of the artwork.
  • Do you ship across India?
    I ship to most locations within India free of charge. Courier Charges may apply to certain specific and remote locations.
  • Do you offer embroidery classes or do workshops?
    Yes! I do offer personalised classes teaching Basic and Advanced Embroidery. Drop me an email on for more information. Please stay tuned to my Instagram Page (@kaur_embroidery) for updates on workshops.
  • My question is not listed here.
    Please send me an email at ! I am committed to providing a positive experience for you and will do my best to answer any questions and to find solutions to any problems!
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