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Our hand embroidery creations are one-of-a-kind, and whether you have a specific design in mind or you want to leave it to our imagination, we got you covered. Our creative team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life with the highest quality and standard. We believe in the versatility of themes and medium and are comfortable working with a variety of fabrics, colours, and designs.


Let's create something extraordinary together!


It all starts with an idea! 


As each artwork is handcrafted for you (literally!) based on your tastes and preferences, I work quite interactively to understand your requirements better. 


Once we have agreed on a broader idea of the embroidery artwork, I share the design for your approval. Elements of the design may be added or modified as per your liking to give a more personalised touch. 

After a final confirmation from you, I begin the embroidery. 


Well, this is my favourite part, where I let my creativity take wings! Threads of different hues slowly take the shape of your  dream artwork. Trust me, it is a job that requires patience, persistence and hours of hard work! 

Having said that, a happy customer makes me happy!

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