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PATIENCE AND FOCUS in Hand Embroidery.

A few of my followers and my friends had been suggesting me from a long time to keep putting up pictures of my work more often than I do. While I do agree with what you'll say, there is a reason why you don't find regular posts on my page.

Today's post is a section of embroidery on a kurta, which took me a month to complete, and I was very happy with the outcome. This is my depiction of Nandi, the bull, respectfully referred to as Nandi ji. Nandi ji symbolises one of the greatest virtue- the eternal waiting, he sits patiently in front of Lord Shiva. He is the one who simply sits in front of Lord Shiva, and this wait is naturally meditative.

When I work on a project such as this one with complete focus, I let the art guide my fingers and work in a sort of a meditative state. I don't let the constraints of time alter the quality of my work - that's why I seldom tell my clients the exact number of days that it will take for me to complete a project. Because creating an artwork, however big or small, requires a absolute positive state of mind. As such, I never take up embroidery work on days when I am in a bad mood or I am unwell, because I only want good vibes to pass on from me to the needle, thread, fabric and finally to my client.

While creating this embroidery work of Nandiji, I could feel an amazing positivity around me, from the first stitch to the last one. More than 90% of this embroidery is made with French knots. When you work on a project with the same kind of stitches over a long period of time, it tends to get a bit monotonous. But, I had all my focus to make every French Knot perfectly aligned to the next one. Patience and focus was the key for this project. I guess some of these virtues of Nandi ji rubbed on to me, and helped me make it better than I would have like to 😊

- Kavaljit Kaur Anand

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